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Comprehensive Swimming Pool Lighting Services in Woodbridge, VA

Whether you're looking to make your pool more functional, safe, or beautiful, you can trust the expert technicians at McLean Electric Company to find a solution that's just right for your family and your pool. We've been a trusted Northern Virginia pool lighting specialist since 1994—offering a full range of electrical services from installation to repair. Our experienced team proudly services and installs all of today’s leading pool control systems, and gladly offers free onsite estimates on all new work and service upgrades to clients across Northern Virginia. To learn more, and to schedule your estimate, call us at (703) 590-7711 today!

Complete Electrical Installation or Repair for Your Pool

There have never been so many options when it comes to pool control systems, which means there have never been so many ways to enjoy your Northern Virginia pool! From fully automated systems that can be controlled by your smartphone or web-device to simpler pool lighting timers, McLean Electric Company handles it all. We proudly service and install:

  • Pool & Spa Motors: Your swimming pool or spa’s motor drives the pump, sucking water in through suction ports, sending it through the filter, and pushing it out through the return ports. Without a properly functioning motor, your pool or spa will not have filtered water. Whether you need repairs on your current motor, or would like to install a new one altogether, our team is the one to call.
  • Pool & Spa Lights: Lighting is an excellent addition to any pool or spa — especially for families who like to swim after dark. Add extra mood lighting anywhere on your pool, or replace existing lighting with our comprehensive swimming pool lighting services.
  • Gas Heaters: Gas heaters burn natural gas to heat pools and spas quickly and affordably. Gas heaters are known for their reliability, but if you need repairs on yours (or if you would like to install one in your pool or spa), our experts can help.
  • Heat Pumps: An electric pool heater, or heat pump, works by sucking water into a heating tank and, warming it, and then pumping it back into your pool or spa. Heat pumps are both cost-effective and safe (plus, some models can both heat and cool your pool). If you would like to install a heat pump in your pool or spa, or if you need repairs on your existing heat pump, contact our electrical team for fast and affordable service.
  • Switches & Plugs: Most of today’s pools and spas use electronic switches to control their lighting, heating, and other features. If you are experiencing problems with any of the electric components of your pool or spa, or if you would like to add new features, our team at McLean Electric Company proudly provides high-quality repairs and installation services for pools across the region. Call us today!

If you have a Northern Virginia pool, let McLean Electric Company enhance its value and performance with high-quality swimming pool lighting or other products. Do not hesitate to call us at (703) 590-7711 for an estimate today!