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Installation, Upgrade or Repair by Local Electrical Contractors

No matter what kind of business you’re in, it’s a safe bet that the success of your company is largely dependent upon electricity. Though you might not give it a whole lot of thought in any given week, you certainly notice it when the power goes out! At McLean Electric Co, we have two decades of commercial electric experience in Northern Virginia. Whatever industry you’re in, there’s a good chance our one of our electrical technicians can help you improve your efficiency and production.

Emergency repair is just the beginning of the services we offer!

It’s natural to call an electrical technician when there’s an emergency, but why wait for disaster to strike? At McLean Electric Co, our licensed electrical contractors specialize in preemptive system checks. These make sure you’re in compliance with all pertinent safety codes and making the most efficient use of your electrical system. Our commercial electrical services include:

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Emergency Repair:

You can never predict when an emergency is going strike a component of your business’s electrical system. Industrial equipment, computers, networking technology, heating and air conditioning, and many other components of a business all rely of electricity. In the event of electrical emergency, one or more of these systems may go down, losing your business precious resources. For efficient, effective, and affordable emergency electrical services for your business, contact our commercial electricians.

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System Installation or Upgrade:

A faulty or outdated electrical system not only poses a safety risk for those in your business — it’s also likely costing you money. At McLean Electric Co, we perform comprehensive diagnostics and system upgrade recommendation services for businesses across Northern Virginia. Our team will assess your current system and give you upgrade recommendations to improve both safety and efficiency. Should you choose to implement any upgrades, or upgrade to a new electrical system altogether, our team also performs of the installation services ourselves.

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Phone, Data or TV Cabling:

Proper cabling is vital to the performance of phone, data, and TV systems. Nearly all businesses today rely on one or more of these systems as a cornerstone of operations. Maximize reliability and efficiency — and repair any broken or outdated cables — with our comprehensive commercial cabling services at McLean Electric Co.

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your electrical system, contact one of our local electrical contractors today!

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