Electrical Repairs In
Northern VA

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No Matter What the Problem, We’ll do the Job Right the First Time!

Some things are better left to the professionals—and electrical repairs certainly fall into that category! If you’re experiencing electrical problems at your Northern Virginia home or business, don’t risk injury to your property or your family. Let the trained professionals at McLean Electric Co get the job done safely and affordably.

Comprehensive Residential and Commercial Repairs

Emergency repair is just the beginning of the services we offer!

McLean Electric Co has been in the electrical repair business since 1994. All of our Northern Virginia electricians carry themselves with honor and integrity—as evidenced by our sterling service record. Our electrical repair services include:

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Wiring & Rewiring:

Electricity moves through wires. When these wires aren’t working properly, they can lead to all types of electrical safety and efficiency issues in your home or business. Our team at McLean Electric Co has years of experience providing professional wiring and rewiring services for all types of structures across Northern Virginia. Ensure that your wiring is giving you the best electrical performance possible by working with our team for wiring or rewiring project.

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Outlet Repair:

Whether you are looking to upgrade your outlets or repair broken outlets on your property, our professionals have the services you need at prices you can afford. We offer comprehensive outlet repairs, grounding, and installation services to homes across the region.


Switch & Panel Repair:

Your electrical panel controls all of the power on your property. In it, there are breakers and fuses that function as safety switches if something goes wrong with your electricity. If you are experiencing electrical problems in your home or business, it may be due to a faulty switch on your panel. For the safety of those on your property, it is important to repair any electrical panel issues as soon as possible. For fast diagnostics and repairs, contact our team today!


Cable Repairs:

A cable consists of two or more insulated wires wrapped in one jacket. Cables are used to power appliances of all kinds in homes or businesses. If you are experiencing cable-related problems, contact our professionals for comprehensive cable repairs.

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Safety Code Compliance:

Whether you own a home or business, it’s important to make sure that your electrical system is compliant with current safety codes. At McLean Electric Co, we proudly perform safety code compliance inspections for residential and commercial locations across Northern Virginia.

When affordable, professional service is just around the corner, there’s no reason to take chances on something as unforgiving as electricity!

Call McLean Electric Company for an estimate.

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