Residential Electric Services In Northern VA

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High-Quality Electrical Services for Your Home

For homeowners and landlords alike, McLean Electric Co can meet all of your residential electric needs such as exterior lighting design—which is exactly what our electricians have been doing for the last two decades. Quality, service, and affordability have been our benchmarks from the start! Why does McLean Electric Co go to such lengths to ensure our customers are satisfied with their exterior lighting? Because we’re looking to make customers for life! That simple goal influences everything we do.

Bring us out for a quote on any of the following electrical repair services:

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Interior Wiring or Rewiring:

Whether you are building a home and need all-new wiring designed and installed, or you’d like to upgrade the old wiring in your existing home, our professionals are the ones to call. We use industry-leading materials and design methods to give our clients the best wiring available today.

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Outlet Repair, Replacement or Installation:

If you have broken or ungrounded outlets that you’d like replaced or repaired, our team at McLean Electric Co has the services for you. We provide outlet repair, replacement and installation services to help homeowners get the most out of their outlets.

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Electrical Upgrades:

Many homes in Virginia have outdated electrical systems. These systems case pose safety risks and efficiency concerns. Contact our team for electrical upgrades to keep those in your home safe. Save yourself money on your monthly electrical bills.

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Exterior Lighting:

Looking to add extra exterior lighting to outside of your home? Our lighting professionals proudly design and install all types of exterior lighting, from decorative landscape lighting to functional motion-sensing floodlights. We have the outdoor lighting services you need, at prices you can afford.

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Safety Testing:

The safety of those in your home depends in part on the safety of your current electrical system. If you live in a historic home or have recently switched homes, we recommend getting a residential electrical system inspection to identify any electrical problems your property might have. Contact our team to schedule yours today!

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Phone, Data or TV Cabling:

Whether you are looking to install an all-new phone, data, or TV cabling system in your home or make repairs and/or changes to your current cables, our team at McLean Electric Co has the cabling services for you. To learn more about how our home cabling services can help you get the most out of your phone, data, and TV systems, contact our electrical experts today!

Our electricians in Northern VA are ready to help you make the most efficient use of your residential electric property. For a residential electrical consultation or service, you can rest assured that our expert residential electricians will conduct themselves with honor and integrity.

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